.NET Data Application Blocks

@Register directives
   Configure Page Directives#IX__Register_directives
   Configure Page Directives#The_TagName_for_all_ASCX


code customization type
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    Batch Wizard
    Charting Wizard
    Code Customization Wizard
    Configuration Wizard
    Configure Application Assembly Information
    Configure Application Generation Options
    Configure Application Options
    Configure Email Server
    Configure Menu
       Configure Multi-Level Menus#IX_Configure_Menu_2
       Configure Classic-Style Menus#IX_Configure_Menu_4
    Configure Page Directives
    Configure Start Page
    Configure View State
    Crystal Reports Configuration Wizard
    HTML Editor
    Query Wizard
    Security Wizard
    Sums and Counts Wizard

A Hello World Example Using the Image Tag
A record you were attempting to delete or modify is referenced by other records...
A value for XXX is required ...
A virtual directory must exist when compiling with Visual Studio ...
    security_Designer.exe ...
Access Session State Information in Applications
Access User Name and Password from Sign In Control
Access Variables in the Data Access Layer
Accessing Microsoft SQL Server Tables through Microsoft Access Queries
Activating and Deactivating Iron Speed Designer
Active Directory and LDAP
Add a Mouse Over Message to a Button Tag
Add a Print Button to a Web Page
Add Record action
Add Record and Edit Record Pages
    Pre-defined page type
Add row to action
   Cute Editor#The_height_of_the_editor1
   Implementation Details#Enables_RESTful_API
Add Tool Tips to Controls
Add Transact-SQL Stored Procedure
Adding a Custom Query
Adding Crystal Reports References to Your Project
Adding Custom Functions to Your Application
Adding Multiple Menus to a Page
Adding New Web Pages to Your Application
Adding Not-Null Field Constraints
Adding roles during run-time
Adding user names and passwords
Adding Virtual Foreign Key Relationships
Adding Virtual Primary Key Relationships
Adding Your Application to the Windows Registry
Adding Your Own Code Templates
Administering Database Security at Run-Time
    DataSet class
    Internet Information Services (IIS)
ADO and ADO.NET Data Source Connection Strings
    Data source connection strings
All Lowercase
All Uppercase
Allow Anonymous Access
Allow insert update and delete on table / view
Allow Only Active Users to Login
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    Deployment effects
    Virtual directory configuration
AppInfo.xml Configuration File
AppInfo.xml file
    appSettings element
    Assembly information
    Building and running
       Building and Running Your Application#Building_and_running1
       Building Your Application#IX_Building_and_running_2
       Running Your Application#Optionally_you_can_open
    Building options
       Building Your Application#IX_Building_options
       Running Your Application#Optionally_you_can_open
    Compiler options
    DLL file
    Folder location
    Format of date & currency
    Name space
    Page lifecycle
    RESX file
    Signing in
    Source code control of applications
    System requirements
    Text direction
    View state
    Virtual directory name
Application assembly information
Application deployment
    Creating virtual directories
    Database connection settings
    Loading stored procedures into a production database server
    Windows Registry
Application Explorer window
Application Folder Organization
    A virtual directory must exist when compiling with Visual Studio ...
    Culture ID XXX is not a supported culture ...
         cannot be included because is already included in the
        Expected class delegate enum interface or struct...
        Goto was unexpected at this time ...
        Invalid column name XXX...
        Invalid property file ...
        Name 'session' is not declared ...
        Namespace or type 'BaseClasses' for the Imports 'BaseClasses' cannot be found.
        Need to map to server location...
            external dbid length is greater than maximum ...
                no listener...
                permission denied ...
        Specified cast is invalid...
        The error was Unable to GetCount ...
        The file BaseClasses.dll could not be added to the project ...
        The file could not be loaded into the Web Forms designer ...
        The type or namespace name XXX could not be found...
        There already appears to be an Iron Speed Designer application ...
        There was an error creating the application. The error was ...
        Type XXX is not defined ...
        Unable to compile application ...
        Unable to deactivate. An error occurred when trying to contact...
        Unable to edit component. Failed to parse layout file...
        Visual Basic .NET compiler is unable to recover...
        You do not have an active Software Update Subscription ...
        Your temporary folder contains ### files...
    Failed to create the application ...
        Metadata file XXX.dll could not be opened ...
Application Function Buttons
Application Javascript Files Renamed
Application Logic Errors
Application Migration
    Windows Server 2003 suggestions
Application Runs But No Data is Displayed
Application Scalability and Performance
    Configuring simple sign-in authentication
Application Times Out Forcing Users to Sign In Again
Application Users
Application Will Not Run
    Build your application
    Configuring master-detail pages
    Configuring options
    Connecting to database servers
    Creating Edit Record and Show Record pages for database views
    Creating navigation menus
    Creating new applications
    Creating web pages
    Creating your first application
    Database table and field name restrictions
    Editing individual menu items
            external dbid length is greater than maximum...
                no listener...
    Export to Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft Word Report
    Missing edit record and show record pages
       Step 5: Select Virtual Primary Keys and Virtual Foreign Keys#You_can_easily_display
       Step 5: Select Virtual Primary Keys and Virtual Foreign Keys#In_some_cases_the_icon
    PDF Report
    Pre-defined page templates
    Selecting a web page style
    Selecting database tables
    Selecting languages
Application-level tracing
    .NET security
    Application Times Out Forcing Users to Sign In Again
    ASPX (HTML) is Displayed Instead of Your Application
    Buttons or pagination controls do not work
    Creating a new application
    Integrating with existing
    Load balancing
    Menu configuration
       Configure Multi-Level Menus#IX_Menu_configuration
       Configure Classic-Style Menus#IX_Menu_configuration_2
    Personal firewall blocking
    Username and password are required to run an application
    Won’t display data
       Application Runs But No Data is Displayed#IX_Won’t_display_data
       Cannot Connect to Your Database#If_you_run_your
       Database Permission Settings or Path Are Not Configured Properly#This_typically_happens
       Localhost is Not Properly Configured#This_can_occur_when
       Virtual Directory on Microsoft IIS Does Not Allow Anonymous Access#Virtual_directories
       ASP.NET User Does Not Have Permissions to Your Application Folder#The_ASPNET_account_needs1
       Improper Application Deployment#Make_sure_that_you_have
       Event Viewer Displays Errors#Look_in_the_Event_Viewer
       Sign-in does not work#If_login_fails_for
       The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open#IX_Won’t_display_data_9
    Won’t run
       Microsoft IIS is Stopped (Not Running)#The_Microsoft_IIS_web
       Application Will Not RunPersonal Firewall is Blocking Web Server#Check_that_your_personal
       Your Application Needs a Virtual Directory#To_run_and_view_your_new1
Apply search and filter to action
Applying the Code Customization to your Application
appSettings Element
ASCX file path property
    Directives in ASPX pages
    Directives in pages
    Running state service automatically
    Session state service
       Starting Your Session State Service#Normally_the_Session
       Unable to make the session state request#IX_Session_state_service_3
ASP.NET Client Script File Configuration
ASP.NET control Tags
ASP.NET User Does Not Have Permissions to Your Application Folder
ASPX (HTML) is Displayed Instead of Your Application
    ASP.NET control tags
    Incorporate existing pages into your Iron Speed Designer application
    Modify a Menu’s Redirect URL
AssemblyInfo.vb file
Assigning page permissions
    Microsoft SQL Server user name and password
       Microsoft SQL Server Options for Database Server Selection#Use_a_specific_Microsoft
       Oracle Options for Database Server Selection#Use_a_specific_Oracle
    Multiple role
    Simple sign-in
    Windows authentication
       Microsoft SQL Server Options for Database Server Selection#Use_Windows
       Oracle Options for Database Server Selection#Use_Windows1
Automatic Sign-Out
    Timeout SessionState parameter
AutoPostBack property”