Configure Application Generation Options

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Tools, Application Wizard, Options...

You can set certain defaults for the Application Wizard and your application that make their operation more tailored to your use, especially if you are creating a large number of similar pages.

All application generation options are included in three major categories:

All the options in a set are unique for every Page Style (Theme). When you change them and click Save they are being saved for this page style and next time you create an application with another page style, new values will be used. However, when you change a theme for existing application, your options are preserved and if you change anything in the any option’s section your preserved options will be saved for that theme!

For example, you created application with new Tequila theme, then switched to Chablis and change any option for Basic page type. At this moment your Chablis set of options will get new values for Basic page from your applications and effectively your basic page will become grid-like.

Restore Default Values allows to restore defaults for the set of options currently shown in the dialog. Default values are specific for the currently selected Page Style (Theme). If you click Save after restoring values they will be saved to the AppInfo.xml file of the application as well as AppWizardOptions.xml file in the theme.

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