Building and Running Your Application

Building and running your application in Iron Speed Designer is always just one button click away.  The Build button is visible on nearly every screen in Iron Speed Designer, allowing you to iteratively modify your application and quickly see the changes.

During the application building process, a variety of application components are created for your application, including:

As a final step, Iron Speed Designer runs the compiler you have selected as the default in Iron Speed Designer so you have a ready-to-run application to test.

Note:  The ASPX pages and ASCX controls are compiled dynamically by the Microsoft IIS web server when the individual pages are first accessed (first time only).

You can inspect all your application’s code from within Iron Speed Designer itself or through the file system.  You enjoy unrestricted access to 100% of the code, and there are no run-time license fees or special server software requirements for applications built with Iron Speed Designer.

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