ASP.NET Client Script File Configuration

ASP.NET client script files need to be installed in the webroot folder.

Directory of C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\aspnet_client\system_web\1_1_4322


03/30/2005  06:26 PM    <DIR>          .

03/30/2005  06:26 PM    <DIR>          ..

08/14/2002  09:36 AM                15 SmartNav.htm

07/15/2004  12:40 AM             8,571 SmartNav.js

07/15/2004  12:40 AM            14,482 WebUIValidation.js

If these file are either missing or have been corrupted, install them:

aspnet_regiis –c

To remove these files:

aspnet_regiis –e

To remove these files for all version of ASP.NET:

aspnet_regiis –ea

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