Database Table properties

These properties are available when you select a database table or view in the Application Explorer.



Allow insert, update and delete on table / view

Indicates whether database record updates are permitted.

This option is selected by default for tables with a primary key.  This option is not selected by default for tables or views without a primary key.  If not selected, then the application will throw an exception if it attempts to call the insert, update, or delete functions.

Note: this option is not available if the database is read-only, or if the table or view does not have a primary key or virtual primary key.

Default menu

Specifies the main menu name for newly created pages for this table.

Default page folder

Specifies the application folder location for newly created pages and underlying code files.

Default Quick Selector file name

Specifies the default file name for Quick Selectors for this table or view.

Include table in application

Indicates whether the supporting database access code should be created for the table.  Database tables and views used by the application automatically have this option selected.  However, you may instruct Iron Speed Designer to include code for tables not directly used by the application’s web pages.  This is useful in circumstances where a non-web interface is being used, such as a web service or a Windows application.

Paging method

Specifies the method used to retrieve pages in table controls.  (Microsoft SQL 2005 and above only)

Table name alias

This alias is used to generate class names and other elements in the generated code. Also it is used in formulas to reference this table.