Application Name and Folder Selection



Application Name

The name of your application is used for identification purposes and as a prefix in certain parts of your application, including:

  • A prefix for your application’s database stored procedures.

  • A tag prefix (i.e. namespace) for server controls tags in your application’s ASPX and ASCX files.

Please note that if you pick any of these application names:

  • ASP

  • IronSpeed

then the prefix will be changed to App<NAME>.  This prevents a name collision with ASP and IronSpeed presentation-level control tags.

Names must start with a letter and can contain letters and numbers (alphanumeric strings).

Note: You cannot change your application’s name after the application has been created.  Changing the application name would require Iron Speed Designer to update all of your web pages and source code files (because the name space defaults to the application name), which is difficult to do without breaking customizations you might have made to the page and source code files.

Application Folder

The folder location where you wish to place your application’s files.

Please note: it is possible to accidentally overwrite the virtual directories used by Microsoft IIS, so use caution when selecting a folder name.




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