Configure Application Options

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Tools, Configure Application...

These options affect generated application behavior:

Page Controls Options



Add calendar control for date fields

Enables or disables date selector controls (calendar control) from being placed next to appropriate fields.

Increment and Decrement Buttons

Adds increment and decrement buttons to appropriate number, currency and date fields.  Clicking the increment button increases the value by one logical unit; clicking the decrement button decreases the value by one logical unit.

Smooth Panel Update

Ajax-based panel updating is used for table panels and record panels.  This eliminates ‘postback flicker’ that occurs when panels are updated.

Text Controls Options



Display text as

Enables generation of rich text editor controls on fields exceeding a certain size.

Threshold to display rich text (# chars)

All text fields shorter than this parameter’s value (database column size) will be shown as a HTML source code.  Text fields shorter than this amount will not be displayed as rich text if the ‘Display text as’ option is ‘Rich text’.

Limit text on page to (char #)

Specifies the maximum number of text characters to display for a field.  If the total content length (number of all characters including all HTML tags) exceeds this value, the text is truncated and ellipses (...) are displayed at the end of the text.  Note that rich text cannot be displayed if the amount of text in a field exceeds this value.

The entire text may be displayed in a pop-up text control if enabled.

Pop-up Controls Options



Large Text Pop-Up

An Ajax-based pop-up window is displayed when the user mouses over appropriate text fields containing text larger than the specified threshold amount.

Image Pop-Up

An Ajax-based pop-up window is displayed when the user mouses over image fields.

Rich Text Editor Control Options



Rich text editor

Specifies which editor control to use.  If you choose the ASP Multi-line editor, all fields will be edited with this control regardless of the threshold value.  If, for example, ‘HTMLEditor’ is chosen, all text fields whose database column length exceeds the Threshold will be edited with HTMLEditor.

Threshold for rich text editor (# chars)

Specifies which text fields should be edited by ASP Multi-line editor and which by the editor selected in the ‘Rich text editor’ parameter.


Specifies the width of the editor control window in pixels.


Specifies the height of the editor control window in pixels.

Show rich text editor menu toolbar

Specifies whether editor’s menu toolbar should be shown or hidden when the field is opened for editing.

Note: The rich text editor is enabled via the ‘Display text as’ setting in the Text Controls section.

Rich Text Editor Options

Here are the details on the various Rich Text Editor options. These editors would be used for editing large text fields from the database, especially those that have HTML.

The HTML and ASP editors are the only ones that are free and installed by Iron Speed Designer.


Included with Iron Speed Designer









Security Options



Encrypt URL Parameters

Encrypts URL parameters so that databse primary key values are not visible.  When enabled, the URLs for Show Record and Edit Record pages are encrypted using the Session ID as the encryption key.  In some cases, the URLs for Add Record pages are also encrypted, such as when copying a record.

You may change the encryption key to something other than the Session ID in the Encrypt and Decrypt methods of the BaseApplicationPage class, located in:

...\<Application Name>\App_Code\Shared\BaseApplicationPage.cs (or .vb)

When application has “URLParametersEncrypted” key in web.config it decrypts all URL parameters in URL formula and does not allow to pass unencrypted parameter to URL formula if Encrypt URL is set to True. If you remove this key from web.config you will be able to pass unencrypted value to URL formula regardless of Encrypt URL setting.


Infinite Pagination Options



Maximum Scrolls

When table control is configured to use Infinite pagination Iron Speed Designer generates on the page a number of empty repeators which get data bound one by one when user scrolls down. Such approach allows to implement smooth scroll, maintain View State so that all clickable controls have their context and ensure that  page retrieves only next set of records with each scroll. Although the overhead in the page size is very minor (about 5-6Kb per 100 repeaters) Iron Speed Designer sets reasonable limit for the number of repeaters and thus for the number of times user can scroll down to a next page.


Page Location




Page location

The file folder location where the pages are created.

<Table Name>

Each group of pages is created in a new folder bearing the table’s name.

Existing folder

Select an existing folder to place the new pages.

The Application Wizard only creates pages in sub-folders one level below the application's root folder.  It will not, at present, accommodate a multi-level folder structure.

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