Application Wizard

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File, New, Application...

Use the Application Wizard to create your application and to add new pages to existing Iron Speed Designer-generated applications.

Use the Application Wizard to create new applications.

The Application Wizard in Iron Speed Designer creates your new application and walks you through the process of:

  1. Selecting a professionally designed page style for your application’s web pages.

  2. Selecting database tables to use in your application.

  3. Selecting the web pages to create using your database(s).

  4. Selecting the code language to generate.

  5. Creating your application.

The process of creating a new application in Iron Speed Designer establishes the directory structure for your application, including:

Next Steps

Step 1: Select the Application Type

Step 2: Select a Web Page Style

Step 3: Select a Database

Step 4: Select Pages to Create

Step 5: Select Virtual Primary Keys and Virtual Foreign Keys

Step 6: Select Language and Localization Settings

Step 7: Name Your Application

Step 8: Build Your Application