The CompileApplication utility program compiles your application.  It can optionally be used as part of the process of deploying an application to a production server to ensure the application compiles and functions properly in the production environment.


CompileApplication <App Name> <App Directory> <App Name Space> usevbc

     <App Name> is the application’s name.

     <App Directory> is the directory where the application is located.

     <App Name Space> is the application’s name space. 

     usevbc is an optional parameter that specifies the VBC compiler will be used instead of Visual Studio.


CompileApplication MyApp C:\MyApp ParentNS.ChildNS

CompileApplication MyApp "C:\My App" "C:\Program Files\Iron Speed Designer" ParentNS.ChildNS

Before compiling each of the application, CompileApplication copies the BaseClasses.dll, and BaseClasses.pdb from

...\<Iron Speed Folder>\BaseClasses\Bin


...\<Application Folder>\bin

of the application to be compiled.

If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio as your compiler, then <App Name Space> is ignored.

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