Administering Database Security at Run-Time

Signing Into Your Application

Step 1:  Start your application by typing its URL into your web browser.  This is how most application users will run your application. 

Step 2:  Alternatively, you may run your application directly from Iron Speed Designer.  Click Run to run your application.

Step 3:  If your application has Sign In access enabled, click “Sign In” on your application’s navigation bar to display the Sign In page.

Step 4:  Enter your User Name and Password.

Step 5:  Click OK to enter the application.

Adding user names and passwords

After signing in to your application, you may want to add application user accounts.  User accounts are maintained in the table you designated as the User Table when configuring the role-based security in Iron Speed Designer.  Add, edit, and delete user accounts from your designated User Table just as you would with any other table in your application.  The designated User Table is treated no differently than any other table in your application.

Step 1:  Click the appropriate navigation menu tab or button to go to the table you designated as your application’s User Table in the Security Wizard.

Step 2:  Click the Add button to display the Add Record page.

Step 3:  Enter the User Name, Password, Role and other information required.

Step 4:  Click Save to add the new user to the application.

Adding roles during run-time

You can define and add new roles at run-time since roles are just database entries in your Roles table.  However, setting page and control access permissions is a design-time activity performed only through the Property Sheet in Iron Speed Designer for specific pages and controls.  Accordingly, you cannot define page and control access during run-time.

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