Building Your Application

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Build, Regenerate and Load Stored Procedures

Applications can be updated at any time, providing a high degree of control.  Only those portions of your application that have been modified are built.



Build Current Page Only

This command builds only the Current page selected in the Presentation Layer. They DO NOT build any other pages and they DO NOT build Business Layer code, Data Access Layer code, SQL queries or stored procedures, even if their build is required for the current page to run.  Use these commands with caution because you might get a compilation error if, for example, you added a panel from a table which had not been included in your application yet, because such a panel requires build of the Business Layer.

This option is useful if one application is being developed by a team of developers.


This command builds only those aspects of your application that require building, such as web pages, Presentation Layer code, Data Access Layer code, and SQL queries and stored procedures.  Generally, only those portions of your application affected by changes made since your application was last built will be built.

Rebuild All

The Build All and Run command forces the regeneration of all an application’s web pages and associated code files.

The Build command typically updates only the specific pages or components that have been changed.  It functions much like a “Make” tool.  Effectively, “Build All and Run” is a "make all" option.  Iron Speed Designer determines which files are changed and which files have not been changed based on the date/time stamp of the files, exactly like a Make tool.  Use Build All and Run in cases you would like to do a fresh build of the entire system.

In general, you should only need to use this option in one of these situations:

  • You manually modified or deleted any of an application’s ASPX, ASCX, or source code files and you want to recreate them.

  • You manually added or deleted a component’s properties file in an application’s folder.

Note that customizable class files will never be overwritten, even when you "Build All and Run".

Regenerate and Reload Stored Procedures

Forces all stored procedures to be recreated and inserted into the database regardless of their existing content.

Always Build Before Running

Automatically update any pages and code files, as necessary, prior to running the application in Iron Speed Designer.

Always Pre-compile Before Running

See Always Pre-compile Before Running for details.

Always Build and Run in Application Wizard

Automatically update your application, as necessary, after running the Application Wizard.

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