Namespace and Virtual Directory Selection



Application Namespace

The name space is used when creating the Presentation Layer and Data Access Layer code.  It generally is the same as the Application Name, though there is no requirement that this be the case.

Name space restrictions:

The name space should not contain non-ASCII characters, such as European or Asian characters.

Iron Speed Designer creates code with namespaces such as, MyApp1.UI.Controls.XXXX, MyApp1.Business, and MyApp1.Data where MyApp1 is aApplication namespace you select here.  However, this namespace it is not the root namespace.  When your code refers to a particular class, you should specify the full namespace such as MyApp1.Data.Class1.

Note: You cannot change your application’s name space after the application has been created.  Changing the application name space would require Iron Speed Designer to update all of your web pages and source code files (because the name space defaults to the application name), which is difficult to do without breaking customizations you might have made to the page and source code files.

Virtual directory name

You can specify the virtual directory name for your application.  By default it is the same as your application name, but you can change it at any time, even after creating the application.  If you change it after a virtual directory has already been created for the application, a new virtual directory will be created when running the application.

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