Configure Classic-Style Menus

Go to:

Tools, Configure Menu…

Iron Speed Designer has a convenient built-in wizard to help you configure navigation menu panels.

Quickly add and configure navigation menu items for your application.

Configure your application's navigation menu.



Menu Name

The name to use for the particular page or selection.


The page file displayed when the menu item is selected (clicked).

Editing an Individual Menu Item

From the Configure Menu dialog, click the Edit Menu Item button to display the Edit Menu Item dialog.



Menu Item Name

The name to display in the navigation menu for this individual item.  The menu item name can be anything and is unrelated to the names of the underlying database tables or database views.


Select the page to display when the menu item is clicked.  If the page you wish is not in the folders displayed, enter the URL in the URL field instead.


Enter the URL of the page to display when the menu item is clicked.  URLs may be relative, e.g.:


or fully qualified, e.g.:

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