Common Formula Examples


Conditional Display of Field, Label and Value

Customize Dropdown List Sort Order

Customize Table Control Sort Order

Display Multiple Columns in a Dropdown List

Display Row Numbers in a Table Control

Display Row Rank in a Table Control

Display Row Totals in a Table Control

Filter Dropdown List Box Contents

Filter FieldFilter Dropdown Contents

Filter Table Control Contents

Filter Table Control by Logged-In User

Filter Table Control by URL Value

Get Largest Field Value from a Table Column

Get Smallest Field Value from a Table Column

Hide GEN:BUTTON or Tab container

HyperLink URLs, Images and Email Addresses

Invoke a Javascript

Make, Model, Year (Dependent dropdown lists)

Modifying Values before Saving Data

Pre-Select an Item in FieldFilter Dropdown

Pre-Select Multiple Items in a FieldFilter List Box

Remove Please Select from Dropdown List

Retrieve Information from a Cookie

Retrieve Information from a Session Variable

Retrieve Information from the Cache

Save Information in a Cookie

Save Information in a Session Variable

Set Content of FieldFilter Dropdown

Validate Field Value

Validate Related Textbox Fields and Display Custom Error Message

Virtual Calculated Field in Table Record