Get Smallest Field Value from a Table Column

You can display the smallest numeric field value from a table column in any label, literal, textbox or dropdown list control using the MIN function. For example, the minimum among the “Quantity” values displayed on a ShowOrder_DetailsTable page can be displayed for the “Initialize display text” event.

Step 1:  In the Layout Editor, select a table control and navigate to the table rows section.

Step 2:  Drag a literal control from the Toolbox into an empty cell within the ‘Totals’ area.

Step 3:  Select the newly added literal control, and in the Property Sheet, Actions group, select the ‘Initialize display text’ event.

Step 4:  Enter a formula to display the row total, e.g.:

= Order_DetailsTableControl.MIN("Quantity")

Step 5:  Build and run your application.

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