Pre-Select Multiple Items in a FieldFilter List Box

Multiple items can be pre-selected in a list box by using the Property Sheet, Actions group for the “Initialize” event. For example, you might initialize a multi select list box filter with pre-selected items via the “Initialize” event.

Step 1:  In the Layout Editor, select the filter dropdown list control and open the Property Sheet, Actions group.

Step 2:  Select the ‘Initialize’ event and enter list of primary key Id’s separated by a comma.  In the example below, three customer names will be selected based on their primary keys: ALFKI, BLONP and AROUT.


Step 3:  Build and run your application.

Note: As we need a list box to do the above customization, change the ProductID filter‘s control type to a list box and its Selection Mode property in the Property Sheet to multiple.

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