Retrieve Information from a Cookie

Values stored in a cookie variable can be displayed in any label, literal, textbox or dropdown list control using the COOKIE function.  For example, to set the ContactName field on a Customer record to the value of the ContactName cookie variable, specify this formula for the “Initialize when When Editing Record” event:

= COOKIE(“ContactName”)

Filter table using cookie value

The COOKIE function can also be used in the Query Wizard to filter a table based on the value in a cookie variable.

Step 1:  In the Layout Editor, select a table control.

Step 2:  In the Property Sheet, Queries section, select the appropriate query and open the Query Wizard (Edit…).

Step 3:  In the Query Wizard, add a new WHERE clause containing a formula that restricts the contents.  For example, you can show products whose category name is stored in a cookie variable with this formula:

= COOKIE(“CategoryName”)

Step 4:  Build and run your application.

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