Step 8: Name Your Application

Use the Application Settings step to select your application’s name and type.(advanced view)

The last step in creating a new application is to give it a name and location for its files.  Additionally, you can choose the type of application to create and several other high-level options.


Application Name and Folder Selection

.NET Application Type

Code Language and .NET Framework Selection

Visual Studio for Solution file

SQL Statement Generation

Namespace and Virtual Directory Selection

Creating Your First Application

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Creating Your First Application

Step 1: Prepare your Database

Step 2: Select the application type

Step 3: Select a Web Page Style

Step 4: Connect to a Database Server

Step 5: Select Pages to Create

Step 6: Select Virtual Primary Keys and Virtual Foreign Keys

Step 7: Select Language and Localization Settings

Step 8: Name Your Application

Step 9: Build Your Application