Creating Your First Application

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After starting Iron Speed Designer, you may create a new application or edit an existing application.  The easiest way to get started with Iron Speed Designer is to use the Application Wizard to create your application.

Use the Application Wizard to create new applications.

The Application Wizard in Iron Speed Designer creates your new application and walks you through the process of:

  1. Selecting a professionally designed page style for your application’s web pages.

  2. Selecting database tables to use in your application.  The Application Wizard connects to a designated database and uses the table schemas of selected tables when building your application.

  3. Selecting the web pages to create for your selected database tables (see What is an Iron Speed Designer Application? for details).  The Application Wizard can create a variety of web pages for your application, including Table, Record, and Workflow pages.

  4. Selecting the language and localization settings and other high-level options.

  5. Creating your application.

The process of creating a new application in Iron Speed Designer establishes the directory structure for your application, including:

  1. Source files.  The input files for your application – the “source code” used by Iron Speed Designer to build your application – consist of the database table, view and individual component property settings.

  2. Application files.  Application files include the Presentation Layer ASPX and ASCX files, C# or Visual Basic code-behinds, the Data Access Layer, and the Database Layer stored procedures and SQL statements.

Next Steps

Step 1: Prepare your Database

Step 2: Select a Web Page Style

Step 3: Connect to a Database Server

Step 4: Select Pages to Generate

Step 5: Select Virtual Primary Keys and Virtual Foreign Keys

Step 6: Select Language and Localization Settings

Step 7: Name Your Application

Step 8: Build Your Application

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