One-Day Web Apps: Application Generation for .NET

  Master application generation with this comprehensive and insightful eBook examining the latest software development tools and techniques.

Accomplished author and web developer Alan Fisher details how today's most productive programmers crank out sophisticated web applications that feature forms, data grids, record filtering and sorting, and a variety of other advanced features, in one day or less.

Second Edition. Over 200 pages & 120 illustrations.
Price: $24.95

Read the first 30 pages, including the table of contents.

The Case for Automation

The Challenges of Web Application Development
Standards Make Application Generation Possible
The .NET Framework – Microsoft’s Standard Platform

Automating Development: A Historical Perspective

The Evolution of Automated Software Development
The Emergence of Iterative Development

Development Automation in Action: Common Problems Solved

Automate “C/R/U/D” Page Creation
Complex Displays
Using Data Grids to Manage Large Result Sets
Automatic Data Validation & Display
Delivering a Common Request: Exporting Application Data

Goals & Benefits of Automated Development

What Should an Application Generator Do?
Implications for Development Methodology
Key Benefits of Application Generation Methodology

How Automated Development Works

Approaches to Application Generation
Using Declarative Methods to “Specify” an Application
Linking Database Tables, Views and Queries to an Application
The Application Generation Process
Bonus Automation (Even More Code You Don’t Have To Write)

Automatic SQL Generation for Database-Connected Controls

Transaction Model & Transaction Management
Location of the SQL Statements
Database Views Provide Data Consolidation
Primary Key Relationships Permit Record Editing
Foreign Key Relationships Permit Multi-Table Joins
Concurrency Control / Concurrency Handling
Cursor Management

Automating Application Security

Generating Role-Based Application Security
Securing Your Generated Web Applications
Additional Security Issues to Address

Extending and Customizing Applications

Standards for Generated Code
An Approach to Generating Extendable Code
Every User’s Request, “Can you add a button that…?”
Localizing (Internationalizing) Your Application

Automating IT Strategies

Automating Page Production
A Pragmatic, Yet Revolutionary, Approach to Code Re-Use
Automating Re-Use of Custom & Third Party Controls

Looking Ahead

Selecting Your First Project
Organizational Rollout of Application Generation Technology
The New Reality: Competitive Advantage Requires Ubiquitous Custom Software

About the Author - Alan Fisher

  Alan Fisher is an accomplished technologist, a seasoned entrepreneur, and has many years of experience building large scale enterprise web applications. He co-founded Iron Speed with the vision of making application generation practical for Web application developers.

Alan wrote the first book on Computer Aided Software Engineering, "CASE: Using Software Development Tools." Alan has built large web applications like the one that powered the first online auction house, Onsale, now part of Amazon.

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