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Technical Support

Technical forums
Online help
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What technical support includes

Included Not Included
Installation issues
Requirements issues
Documentation questions
Sample application questions
Coding example questions
Database connection issues
Bug reporting and confirmation
Hot fixes for bugs, if available
Writing custom code extensions
Customization examples not already written
Migrating code customizations to new versions of Iron Speed Designer
.NET programming questions
Forum posting questions
Software issues not related to Iron Speed Designer
Hardware issues not related to Iron Speed Designer
Third-party control support

Technical support is free during your initial 15 day evaluation period. An active Technical Support Subscription is required thereafter. Technical support is offered on a 'reasonable efforts' basis. We can't guarantee we'll be able to solve every problem, but we'll do our best.

Technical support terms and conditions

A 1 Year Technical Support Subscription includes 25 cases. Unused cases do not carry over once your subscription expires. When the case limit is reached or the subscription expires, you may purchase a new Technical Support Subscription for continued support.
When multiple licenses of Iron Speed Designer are purchased for use in a single department or organization, each license must have the same level of technical support. For example, you cannot buy multiple licenses of Iron Speed Designer but only purchase a Technical Support Subscription for one developer.
Each Technical Support Subscription is valid for one named developer only.

What customers tell us

"I just finished with a support call and want to take a few seconds to compliment you on the very high caliber of your technical support team."

"Purchasing the Technical Support and Software Update Subscriptions with Iron Speed Designer was absolutely the best investment decision I could have made. In typically a matter of minutes, your support team has had the solutions to my issues and I'm off and continuing with my development. I can't see how I could ever be without it! It has already paid for itself ten times over in assisting me during my web development."

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