Iron Speed Designer Help

Compare Control Values with CompareValidator

Updated March 30, 2010
Iron Speed Designer V6.2 and later

This example adds a standard ASP.NET CompareValidator to compare two controls on a page.

Step 1:  In Iron Speed Designer, open the page where you wish to add the control and select the appropriate page area in the Layout Editor.

Step 2:  Select the control that you want to compare.

Step 3:  Add the CompareValidator control tag at the desired location via the HTML Editor.  For example, suppose you want to compare the EmailAddress and EmailAddressAgain controls.  Add the CompareValidator just below the <GEN:FieldValue Name=" EmailAddress" /> tag:

<GEN:FieldValue NAME=" EmailAddress" />






     ErrorMessage="Email Addresses must be the same."

     runat="server" />