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Iron Speed Designer jump-starts your application development process by creating applications that are easy to customize and ready to deploy.  Applications have a consistent a look-and-feel, and you can create sophisticated web applications with database-connected components, including forms, reports, filters, and navigation.

Iron Speed Designer is founded in the time-tested rapid application development (RAD) practices you are probably familiar with, but because it creates so much of your application, you get more functionality faster.  Using Iron Speed Designer, a custom, working application – not just a prototype or individual components – is built in just a few hours.  Code modifications and user interface enhancements are quickly incorporated with each re-generation.

Iron Speed Designer…

  1. Starts from scratch with your application-specific data model.

  2. Creates everything needed for a fully working application and delivers a bug-free, executable application.

  3. Creates native C# and Visual Basic source code that is well-organized source code and easy to modify.

  4. Preserves your customizations during subsequent application regenerations.

Full-Featured Applications

Build native .NET applications like these with the standard N-tier architecture preferred by most corporate developers.

Your application includes advanced features like multi-table joins, user interface functionality like search and navigation, and application security.  Iron Speed Designer creates native .NET applications, with ASPX pages, ASCX controls, SQL statements and C# and Visual Basic code.

Iron Speed Designer creates web-based applications that run on the Microsoft .NET platform, making your applications easier to integrate, deploy, and manage.  You will dramatically reduce your development time, freeing you to focus on customization and integration.

You enjoy unrestricted access to 100% of the application code, and your code customizations are automatically preserved when an application is re-generated.  There are no run-time license fees or special server software requirements for applications built with Iron Speed Designer.

Modern N-Tier Architecture


Iron Speed Designer builds a complete N-tier application.

Iron Speed Designer creates an N-tier architecture for your application, including:

Web PagesBased on your design, Iron Speed Designer creates your application’s user interface, including web pages, menus, and search and navigation components.

Presentation LayerIron Speed Designer generates the code underpinning each Web page and user interface control, including data validation logic for built-in field types.

Business LayerIt’s easy to add your own application logic to applications built with Iron Speed Designer.  Generated applications are specifically designed to support code modification, and your application can be regenerated repeatedly without re-integrating your code customizations.

Data Access LayerData access code, table sorting logic, table filtering logic, and table pagination code are all included.

Database LayerIron Speed Designer generates all the SQL statements and queries needed for storing, retrieving, and filtering data from your database, including multi-table joins with one-to-many and many-to-many relationships.  Generated SQL can either be deployed in-line in your application code or packaged as a set of database stored procedures to provide the best execution performance with the fewest round trips to the database.

What’s in an Iron Speed Designer Application?

Using the Application Wizard in Iron Speed Designer, you can create a wide range of web pages for your database tables and views, giving you a tremendous “running start” in your overall application.  And after using the Application Wizard to create your initial application, you can further customize these web pages with Iron Speed Designer.

Here are just a few of the pages Iron Speed Designer can create:

Table Report pagesTable Report pages are highly interactive, allowing application users to filter, search and sort. You can select which columns are displayed in the table as well as their display order in the table and how the data is sorted.

Edit Table pagesEdit Table pages function as ‘spreadsheet grids’ for easy editing of multiple records.

Add, Edit and Show Record pagesAdd and Edit Record pages let users enter and edit record data. Show Record pages display the contents of an individual database record.  Page layout is fully customizable.

OK, get me started!

Using Iron Speed Designer is super-simple, and you’ll have your first app running in just minutes.

Prepare your database!  Iron Speed Designer works best with well-structured databases.

Use the Application Wizard to quickly create a fully functional, visually stunning application. 

Use the Layout Editor to customize your application. 

Run and deploy!

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