Table Search Configuration

Select database fields that participate in the full-text search function.




Specifies the type of filtering operation to apply to the field.

Note:  These filter operators are usually only used with String / Text-type database fields:

Does not contain
Starts with
Does not start with
Ends with
Does not end with

Using them with numeric or date fields may not be supported in some cases depending on the field's validation type, display format and storage formats.  These operators allow filtering by “fragments” of field values, and these fragments often cannot be parsed or interpreted correctly for fields that use certain types of format strings.

For example, using the Contains operator on a date field searching for '12' should work correctly.  However, searching for '12/30' may not work correctly, because the '/' isn't actually stored in the database field.

The field included in the Full Text Search functionality always uses the Contains operator regardless of the setting. Auto type ahead does not work on binary fields such as a Word document.

Case sensitive

Indicates whether to perform a case-sensitive text search.

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