Table Filtering and Sorting Configuration

Table Filtering

Add table component filtering and sorting.



Sortable Column

This option, available for Table Report and Edit Table panels, enables or disables column sorting for the designated column.

Note: not all columns can be sorted.  Certain underlying database field types, such as very large object fields and binary fields are not sortable.  In particular, Microsoft SQL Server columns of type “text” and “ntext” cannot be sorted.

You can selectively enable sorting in Edit Table panels as well as Table Report panels.  However, sorting an Edit Table panel containing unsaved data will cause that data to be lost.  Application users may regard this behavior as unexpected data loss, and you may consider disabling column sorting if this behavior is not desirable.

Show Filter

This option, if enabled, ads various filter controls to the panel.

“Other” Value in Dropdown Filters

You may see a blank line shown in various dropdown list filters in your application.  This value is only shown when there are NULL values in the underlying database field to which the filter applies.  For example, you may have a Customer table and showing a filter of Company Names.  The filter will show all the names of companies in the database and if there are some records that do not have a Company Name, then a blank line will be inserted in the filter so that you can display those records that have a blank/null company name in the database.  The blank entry will only be available when there are blank or null values.

Table Sorting

The OrderSort control is a dropdown list consisting of all the sortable column names preceded by the keyword “Asc” or “Desc”, which is used to sort the current table. You can choose OrderSort or Hyperlink as sort controls. The default sorting control is OrderSort.

How to implement OrderSort

You may select your preferred sort control while creating an application.

Click the ‘Options’ button in the Application Wizard. Click the “Preferred Sort Control” option and choose your desired sort control.

After the application is generated, OrderSort is present in the “Filters” section of the page. If OrderSort is not present on the current page, follow these steps to implement OrderSort:

Step 1: Select the page on which you wish to implement OrderSort and go to the “Filters” section.

Step 2: Select “Filters & Sort” in the Toolbox. Drag the “Order Sort” control onto the Layout Editor.

Now the OrderSort control is configured.

Step 3: Open the ‘Populate from static list’ property to view the contents of the OrderSort control.

Step 4: Click on the dropdown list to add additional sortable columns to the OrderSort control.

Step 5: Rebuild the current page to implement OrderSort.

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