Function Buttons

By default, Iron Speed Designer creates a set of function buttons for Table Report and Edit Table panels.  A button for this operation appears above the table in a row of function buttons.  Note that not all buttons are applicable in both the Table Report and Edit Table panels. You can configure which button to include using Configure menu button in the Application Wizard before creating a page.




Links to an associated Add Record page.


Links to an associated Edit Record page.  The first selected record is edited.


Copies a selected record for quick editing in an Add Record page.


Deletes one or more selected records.

The Delete button behaves differently on a Table Report page than on an Edit Table page.  On a Table Report page, the records are deleted when the button is clicked.  On an Edit Table page records are removed from the page, but not actually deleted until the Save button is clicked.  If the Save button is not subsequently clicked, records that appear to have been deleted will re-appear.

PDF Report

Creates a PDF file for the displayed data.  See Microsoft Word Report for details.

Word Report

Creates a Microsoft Word report for the displayed data.  See Microsoft Word Report for details.

Export to Excel

Exports the displayed data to Microsoft Excel.  See Export to Microsoft Excel for details.

Export to CSV

Exports the data displayed in the table to ASCII CSV.  See Export to ASCII CSV for details.

Import data

Imports ASCII CSV files.


Refresh (reload) the data from the database.


Resets the filters, search controls and column sorting to their original (unselected) states.

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