A Quick Tour of Iron Speed Designer

When starting Iron Speed Designer for the first time, the Start screen will be displayed.  As you can see, Iron Speed Designer has a friendly, easy-to-navigate user interface.

The Start Screen

Use the Start tab as a jumping-off point to guide your create new applications and edit existing ones.

The Start screen can get you going quickly.  Just click “BUILD AN APPLICATION NOW!” to create your first application.

The Application Explorer window

Use the Application Explorer tree to select the page or file you wish to configure or edit.  Iron Speed Designer has several primary file groupings, identified by the top-level nodes in the Application Explorer.

Use the Application Explorer window to navigate your application, selecting specific web pages, database tables, and source code files.




Presentation Layer (Pages)

The application’s web pages and code-behind source code files created by Iron Speed Designer.

Business Layer

Add your business logic code here.

Data Access Layer

Lists the application’s Data Access Layer source code files created by Iron Speed Designer.

Base Classes

Library code automatically created by Iron Speed Designer.

The Live Preview window

The live preview is shows the actual page with data from your database.  Your application is automatically updated when you switch to Live Preview to view your application.

Your application is dynamically updated and displayed in the Live Preview window.

If you select a different page in the Application Explorer, the Live Preview changes as well.  Even more amazing is if you click a button or select a menu item within the Live Preview, the Application Explorer switches to this page for configuration and changes.  So you can navigate your application through both the Application Explorer and the Live Preview.

The Layout Editor screen

After creating an application, the Layout Editor screen will be visible.  You’ll spend the majority of your time with in Layout Editor configuring your application.

Use the Layout Editor screen to configure and customize your application.

Use the right-click menu to perform  merge, insert or remove operations.

Use the edit button in a cell to open the HTML Editor.


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