CKEditor Notes

In order to use CKEditor, its DLL files are required to be installed into your Iron Speed Designer application. However you can select the Cute Editor option for your application without having installed CKEditor. If the DLLs are not found, a compilation error will occur in your application.

Installing CKEditor in your Iron Speed Designer Application

Step 1: Go to CK Editor website: and download CKEditor for ASP.NET

Step 2: Unzip the folder

Step 3:  Copy the CKEditor.NET.dll file into the bin folder of you application.

Step 4:  Copy the ckeditor folder to your application folder.

Step 5:  Now you have option to change the Editor Type from two different places. First way to do this is to go to Application Generation Options/General Application Options/Web Page Options or Mobile Page Options/Rich Text Editor Controls and select the CKEditor.  This way it will be change every page in the application. Second way would be to change the Editor type from the Property Sheet for the control.

Step 6:  Build and run your application.  You should see the CKEditor in your application.

Compilation errors

The type or namespace name 'CKEditor' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Step 1:  Open the application in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Step 2:  Select the reference folder in the solution explorer.

Step 3:  Add references to the respective DLL by browsing to the \Bin folder, where you copied the DLL file earlier.

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