Running Your Application

Go to:

Build, Run Application…


Build, Run Current Page…

After building your application, it is ready to run.  You can either test it on your local development machine or move it to a testing server or even into production.  Since your application is native .NET code, moving it to another machine is a simple “copy and run” process, requiring you only to copy the compiled binary code and establish a virtual directory for your application on your destination machine.

Like any web-based application, you access it by clicking on a URL.  Each application you develop will have its own separate URL, so you can distribute those URLs only to those end-users who need access.  Your application’s URL is provided to you on the Output message box after your application has been built.

In general, your application’s URL has the form:

http://YourWebServerName/<Application Folder>


YourWebServerName is the name of the web server where you installed your application (and possibly Iron Speed Designer)

<Application Folder> is the name you assigned to your application when you initially created it.

An example is: is the server where your application is running.  “OMS” is the Application Name for the “Order Management System”, an example application program.

As a convenience, you can also launch your application by clicking the Run button in the Iron Speed Designer navigation bar.

In order to run your application, you must deploy it on a Microsoft .NET server.  In most cases, your development environment includes a Microsoft .NET server, so there’s very little extra required to run your application.

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