Paul Modiano
Logical Developers LLC
New York, NY USA
Phone: (212) 929-6940 x701
Email: [email protected]

MVP since November 11, 2008

Service Area

Paul and the team at Logical Developers are more than willing to travel to any clients’ home site.

Service Offerings

Logical Developers LLC has years of application development experience in streamlining business efficiency. We have helped countless businesses by building rock-solid applications for the enterprise, for the web and beyond.

Paul is available to help you in the following areas:

Requirement Analysis and Application Development
The process begins with a no-cost, detailed requirement analysis resulting in a well-defined scope document and projected cost. We use Iron Speed Designer to rapidly develop application prototypes. From there, we customize the final product to suit our clients' needs.

Content Management
Logical Developers has extensive experience putting all kinds of content management solutions into service for just about every kind of Web site or Intranet. Whether you have an existing Web asset that requires a content management solution or you are looking for a complete solution, we can help.

Application Hosting
Our hosting facility for project development is based in New York City. We provide a meticulously stable, back-up and bullet-proof hosting environment for our clients’ applications.


Fundamentals of Iron Speed Designer
This course takes application generation to the next level! Explore beginning and intermediate topics in this four hour, online course taught by Iron Speed MVPs. (Customers only)


Case studies...


Paul Modiano has been working in software development and IT for over 18 years. As the former CTO of Inc. he has spent 12 years managing software projects. He is currently the President of Logical Developers LLC, a web application development company and application service provider.

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