Ready to be a Hero in Your Organization?

Empower developers, DBAs and IT pros to build applications faster than you ever thought possible!

Team development

Collaborate on projects just like hand-built applications — except you'll finish a lot faster!

Rapid prototyping for quick user feedback
Source control file detection
Microsoft Visual Studio integration

Leverage your time

Our built-in tools leverage your time, so you can focus on custom business logic.

Application Wizard
Menu Configuration Wizard
Charting Wizard
Code Customization Wizard

Fast and easy deployment

Our Deployment Wizard eliminates the minutia!

MSI installer for Web deployment
SharePoint Solution Package creation
Cloud deployment
Server deployment

Application scalability

Run multiple application instances on multiple machines. Deploy across Web farms with as many servers as you wish, providing the scalability you need.
John Christly, CEO of OMC Systems LLC "If I need to add a few fields to capture special data elements, I can add those fields to the database, update the application ... and within a short period of time I have customized the application to the client's specifications. This was next to impossible before Iron Speed Designer."

— John Christly, CEO of OMC Systems LLC

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