Build Database-Driven SharePoint Applications

Iron Speed Designer is the quickest way to implement relational database applications for SharePoint. No knowledge of SharePoint APIs is required — Iron Speed Designer does it all for you!

Move data-driven business processes into SharePoint

Run .NET Web apps directly in SharePoint
Access relational databases
Give users a single portal interface for all applications
SharePoint Application Generation
SharePoint Master Pages

Seamless integration

Uses SharePoint themes and master pages for application consistency
No new APIs to learn
Integrated SharePoint security provides single sign-in capability

One-step deployment

You don't need SharePoint development experience to build and deploy database applications.

Deploy directly to any SharePoint Web farm
Creates SharePoint Solution Packages
Single-step installer makes deployment easy

  "After using Iron Speed Designer for a month or so, I wanted to say, "You guys rock!" I am simply amazed at how quickly a professional web based application can be turned out."

— Michael Weiss, Application Architect and Developer

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