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Employment History


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Applicant Poorman, Samantha Employer Name Iron Speed Date Started 2/21/1998
Job Title Assistant Financial Director Employer LocationMountain View CADate Left 2/28/2003
Applicant Poorman, Samantha Employer Name GMAC Date Started 1/11/1995
Job Title Financial Manager Employer LocationBurbank, CADate Left 1/1/1998
Applicant Fowler, Annette Employer Name Children's Hospital Date Started 7/8/1996
Job Title Manager, Communications Employer LocationPhiladelphia, PADate Left 12/14/2002
Applicant Hillsman, Carol Employer Name RHR International Date Started 5/14/1982
Job Title Accounting Departmetnt Manager Employer LocationPhiladelphia, PADate Left 3/16/2003
Applicant Tillby, Robert Employer Name Ritz Carlton Hotels Date Started 6/14/1996
Job Title Events Coordinator Employer LocationNew York, NYDate Left  
Applicant Brywkowski, Elizabeta Employer Name Pew Charitable Trust Date Started 9/14/1992
Job Title Asst. Director, Development Employer LocationWashington, DCDate Left  
Applicant O'Malley, John Employer Name Thompson Knight Date Started 8/2/1994
Job Title Director of Finance Employer LocationDallax, TXDate Left  
Applicant Albermayer, Rebecca Employer Name Marlborough Health Systems Date Started 2/7/1987
Job Title Translator, Social Services Employer LocationCherry Hill, NJDate Left 3/16/2003
Applicant Thompson, Katherine Employer Name Arkansas Electric Date Started 6/2/1999
Job Title Programmer Employer LocationLittle Rock, AKDate Left  
Applicant Schmidt, Karen Employer Name Blue Cross Blue Shield Date Started 2/15/2000
Job Title Assistant Controller Employer LocationWashington, DCDate Left