ORA-12571: TNS:packet writer failure


You get this error when running your application:

ORA-12571: TNS:packet writer failure

This is an Oracle-generated error message that indicates a network error during data transmission.


Step 1:  Enable database logging and tracing for your application and observe the log for additional details on the error message.  Turn on this feature in Iron Speed Designer by selecting Build, Tracing and Event Logging.

Step 2:  If you have anti-virus software like Zone Alarm installed, consider stopping the service momentarily or uninstall the software.

Step 3:  Check your system's Event Viewer (Control Panel à Administrative Tools à Event Viewer) for additional details on the error message.

Step 4:  Download the “WinSock XP Fix” software from Oracle to fix Internet connectivity issues that could be caused by invalid or missing registry entries.

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