Iron Speed Designer Help

Opening a Page in a New Browser Window

Updated March 11, 2010
Iron Speed Designer V7.0 and later

Use a Hyperlink control

You can use a Hyperlink control to launch a new browser window when clicking a button.

Step 1:  Drag a Hyperlink control from the Toolbox onto your page in the Layout Editor.  Note, however, the Hyperlink control is not a data-bound control, so it will not display data from your database as a clickable link.

Step 2:  Select the Hyperlink control and set these properties via the Property Sheet:







Step 3:  Build and run your application.

Button controls won’t work

The Button controls such as Link Button, Image Button and Push Button, produce an action that requires a postback because some buttons, such as “OK”, are used to validate and update the database.  As such, they do not support redirecting the target to another window.  Some of these buttons create an <a href ...> HTML tag, but their OnClick action is set to a JavaScript function to validate data if required.