Iron Speed Designer Help

Example: Programmatically Accessing the Currently Logged-in User

July 23, 2009
Iron Speed Designer V6.2 and later

This example shows how to retrieve information about currently logged user and his/her roles via a code customization.

Verifying that the currently logged-in user has particular role(s)

This is applicable for all security types, including database security and Active Directory security.


BaseClasses.Utils.SecurityControls.IsUserInRole(System.Web.HttpContext.Current, "role1;role2;role3");

Visual Basic .NET:

BaseClasses.Utils.SecurityControls.IsUserInRole(System.Web.HttpContext.Current, "role1;role2;role3")

Retrieve the logged-in user’s user ID


string UserID = SecurityControls.GetCurrentUserID();

Visual basic .NET:

Dim userID As String = SecurityControls.GetCurrentUserID()

Retrieve the current user’s roles

This applies to retrieving Active Directory security roles.


string usrRoleStr = SecurityControls.GetCurrentUserRoles();

Visual Basic .NET:

Dim usrRoleStr As String = SecurityControls.GetCurrentUserRoles()

Retrieve the logged-in user’s user name



Visual Basic .NET:


You also can set these values and manually set the logged in user ID without using the Iron Speed Designer security layer.

See Customizing Application Security for details.