Microsoft .NET Educational Resources

Iron Speed Designer uses Microsoft .NET because it provides several important architectural advantages for web-based applications.

  1. Microsoft .NET enables the application user interface to be separated from its underlying data and application logic.  Applications built with Iron Speed Designer make use of this, enabling all of the application code to run on the server rather than have to be downloaded to the client (web browser).

  2. Microsoft .NET supports several programming languages, including Visual Basic, C# and Java, allowing you to develop your application specific logic in the language of your choice.  Moreover, because of .NET’s common language run-time (CLR), components written in any of these languages can be seamlessly integrated with your Iron Speed Designer-application, giving you more choices in your development environment.  Unlike many application severs, you are not forced to develop in Java alone.

  3. The Microsoft .NET environment makes the process of web-based application development very similar to the development process for Microsoft Windows applications.  This enables you to better leverage your existing developer training and expertise.

A variety of books and articles are available on developing applications for the Microsoft .NET platform.  We recommend the following: