Page History (Back Button) Handling

All pages built with Iron Speed Designer use the application session’s server-side navigation history to determine where to go when the application user clicks the “back” button or takes some action that has the equivalent effect.  This redirection can be applied to a variety of buttons.  In general, application users are redirected back to the page they came from unless:

  1. The page they came from was not logged in the session's server-side navigation history.  This is the case for pages not built with Iron Speed Designer (i.e. pages that do not inherit from the BasePage class).

  2. The session's server-side navigation history was modified between the previous page request and the redirect.  Some pages and controls (e.g. Login.ascx) remove the current request from the history before redirecting in some cases.

For example, the OK and Cancel buttons on the Sign In page use the "Back" URL.  After an application user is signed in, they are redirected to the last URL in their session's server-side navigation history.  If the user signs into the application from a page within the application itself, typically a page requiring role-based security, the user is redirected back to that page requiring the sign in.  However, when an application user enters the application through a separate URL, the user is prompted to sign in and, after signing in, the user is redirected to the application start up page because there is no “previous” page within the application.