Dropdown List Control Handling of SelectIndexChanged Events

Dropdown filter and dropdown list controls are commonly used controls in Iron Speed Designer applications. These controls are usually populated with many items.  When a user selects an item from these controls at application run-time, the SelectIndexChanged event is fired.  You can use this event to add code customizations.  The SelectIndexChanged event is used in dropdown filter controls use to filter the table records.

There are multiple ways to select an item in a dropdown list control. You can select an item by using the mouse to select an item and you can select an item by typing the item’s starting letters using the keyboard.  However, dropdown list selection does not fire the SelectIndexChanged event if you press the Escape (Esc) key after selecting an item using the keyboard.  When you select an item using the keyboard and press the Esc key the item is selected even though the SelectIndexChanged event handler is not executed.  This is the behavior of the .NET dropdown list control and not an Iron Speed Designer-application behavior.  The work around solution to this issue is not to press the Esc key when selecting a list item by typing letters in keyboard.  Once you select an item using keyboard, press the Enter key and the SelectIndexChanged event will be fired.