Generating and publishing your native iOS application.

Generate Web Application

Generate the web application as you would normally do using Iron Speed Designer and deploy it to the production server where it will be hosted. You will need deployed application URL to create a native iOS application package. Make sure to generate mobile pages in your application, as they will be used when accessed from a mobile device

Generate iOS application package

Use Deployment Wizard “Generate iOS Application” to create an iOS application package

Use XCode to publish iOS application

To publish the iOS application, you will need a machine with Apple OS installed on it.

Step 1: Log in to your Apple computer

Step 2: Download Xcode v5.1 or above using App Store on your Apple machine.

1.     Open App Store on your Mac

2.     Search with the keyword Xcode

3.     Download it

Step 3: Open Xcode

Step 4: Copy a deployment folder generated using Iron Speed Designer to your Mac

Step 5: Now open a file with extension <AppName>.xcodeproj from the deployment folder.  Your application is ready to build and run

Step 6: Choose iOS device as shown in the screenshot to run an application using the simulator

Step 7: Click on the Run button

In order to run an application on your mobile Apple device, look at the section “Run Your App on a Connected Device” and follow the directions at:

Submit your application to App Store

To distribute your application follow the directions at:

Once development of your application is done, enroll in the Apple Developer Program, prepare your application for distribution, and submit and release the application.

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