Creating RESTful Applications

Use Application Wizard

To create a RESTful application, select the RESTful application option in the Application Wizard. You can selet RESTFUL along with Web and/or Mobile options. You can change the setting at any point in your development cycle, which will add or remove all code required for Restful.



Select Web Application on the Configure step of Application Wizard:

Important! Both Web Site and Web Application are supported with full functionality in the case when both the Consumer and Provider are generated using Iron Speed Designer. We recommend using the Web Application type for both parts for reliability.In any event, at least the Provider should be a Web Application


The Provider requires Anonymous authentication, so during development an application running within Iron Speed Designer using IIS Express or IIS must have Anonymous authentication set to true. After deployment be sure to have only Anonymous authentication enabled for the Provider. On The other hand, your Consumer might need Windows authentication enabled.

Full Trust

The Restful application uses MS SQL CE database for storing Public and Private keys. This requires the Provide to run under Full Trust after deployment. During deployment the Provider config file is modified and set to Full Trust.

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