Checking the .NET Framework Version

To see if you have the Microsoft .NET Framework installed on the system where you are running, read the article 'How to determine which versions and service pack levels of the Microsoft .NET Framework are installed':

After you check this, create a test.aspx file containing one line:

<% Response.Write("Testing") %>

in your application folder (e.g., MyApp) and then access it through the browser to see if the .NET Framework is correctly installed.  To run this from the browser, enter:


If you see the word “Testing”, then everything is set up properly.  On the other hand, you might see the actual code from the file:

<% Response.Write("Testing") %>

In this case, your Microsoft IIS server is not configured to display ASPX pages properly.  Since the Microsoft .NET Framework is already installed, you may need to configure it properly.

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