Creating a Crystal Reports Report File

When Crystal Reports files are created using Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2005 embeds the Crystal Reports assembly information in your application’s Web.config file.  This may conflict with the DLLs within the application’s \bin folder.  For Crystal Reports XI Release 2, we recommend using Crystal Reports itself to create Crystal Reports report files instead of Visual Studio.

Crystal Reports 10 comes with Visual Studio 2005.  Since Visual Studio 2005 does not come with the Crystal Reports application development tool, you must create Crystal Reports report files with Visual Studio 2005 by following these steps:

Step 1:  In Visual Studio 2005, select New à File àWeb Site.

Step 2:  Press “OK”.

Step 3:  Right-click “C:\...\WebSite1\” and select “Add New Item”.

Step 4:  Select “Crystal Report” and specify the file name of the report file.

Step 5:  Press “Add”.

Step 6:  Configure the Crystal Reports report.

Step 7:  You should see your .RPT report file in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer (shown as CrystalReport.rpt in the example below).  Move your .RPT report file into your application folder.  Now the Crystal Reports report file is ready to be used in your application.

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