Code Customization Examples

Access ASP.NET Controls in Code-Behind Classes

Access Session State Information in Applications

Access Variables in the Data Access Layer

Adding an ASP.NET DataGrid Control to a Web Page

Adding Custom Functions to Your Application

Applying a Special CSS Style Sheet on Selected Pages

Catch Exceptions Raised in Custom Stored Procedures and Triggers

Compare Control Values with CompareValidator

Create a Series of Wizard Pages to Add a Record

Creating a Custom Large List Selector

Customizing the Data Access Layer

Customizing the Default Error Message

Disable ValidationSummary and JavaScript for a Page

Disable View State for a Page

Expanding / Collapsing Sections on a Page

Handling Button Events

Modify the RedirectURL Property of a Menu

Opening a Page in a New Browser Window

Redirect to a Page Based on Logged In User

Retrieve Records with Primary, Non-Primary, and Composite Keys

Setting a Field to NULL

Use Data Access Classes in Windows Forms Applications

Validate a Field in the Business Layer