Example: Set Table Panel Width (Classic Themes)

This example adjusts all table and record panels to the width of a page.  Override and set the width attribute in the dialog_view class:

/* existing definition in BaseStyles.css */

.dialog_view, .dv { /* panel container (includes panel header) */

     margin-bottom: 20px;

     margin-left: 0px;

     margin-right: 0px;

     margin-top: 0px;

     padding: 0px;


This renders as:


Introduce a new attribute to “dv”:

/* new definition in Styles.css */

.dv { /* panel container (includes panel header) */

     width: 100%; /* new attribute added */



The figure shows the effect of the newly added “dv” definition (in Styles.css), with a new “width” attribute specified.  Note that the edit record panel now spans the full width (100%) of the page, aligning with the Orders table beneath it.