Creating Your Own Page Style

Page styles provided with Iron Speed Designer are named after some of the world’s tallest mountains.  You’ll find them in the directory where you installed Iron Speed Designer, e.g.:

<Designer Installation Folder>\Design Themes\Alps

Creating a custom page style

The easiest way to create a custom page style is to copy one of the existing page styles and modify it.  Select one that’s closest to the design you like and simply copy it’s folder to a new folder.  For example, copy

<Designer Installation Folder>\Design Themes\Alps


<Designer Installation Folder>\Design Themes\MyPageStyle

There is also  very basic page styles that can be copied and used as a base for your new page style: In Modern family this is Water; in Modern Grid – Water grid and in Classic - Vanilla.

Customizing the page style’s style sheet

All look-and-feel elements within your application’s pages are customizable, including:

See Customizing Style Sheets and Page Styles for details.