Returns string of specified length from the left of the string passed to the function. If the number of characters are not passed then only returns the left most character.


= LEFT(str)

= LEFT(str, num_chars)



A string which contains the characters to be extracted.  The value can be specified as an integer (e.g., 37), as a decimal value (e.g., 37.48), as a string (“word”), or as the value of a variable (e.g, UnitPrice).

num_chars (optional)

A positive integer which specifies the number of characters to be extracted.

Return Type


In the case of an error, the function displays an error message: “LEFT(str): Error message” or “LEFT(str, num_chars): Error message”.

The function can be used in combination with other functions.




= LEFT(“test”)


= LEFT(“Iron Speed Designer”, 10)

“Iron Speed”

= LEFT(OrderID, 4)

The first four digits of the OrderID.

= LEFT(“$1234”)

“$” sign

= UPPER(LEFT(“Iron Speed”, 4))

The upper case version of the extracted string.

= CONCATENATE(LEFT(“Iron Speed Designer”, 10), “,a .NET code generator”)

A concatenated version of the extracted string and the passed string.