Before using geocoding functions, set “Retrieve user location” property to True in the Application Generation Options to use Geocoding functions in the Designer.

Restrictions: Iron Speed Designer generated Geocoding functions require a Google API key. Please refer the section below to generate API key:

Once Google API key is received, it can be added in web.config section.

<add key="GoogleKey" value=""/>

<add key="GoogleClientID" value=""/>

<add key="GoogleSignature" value=""/>


Although Geocoding functions work without specifying API key, it is recommended in the Google documentation to use the API key. Also, please read the usage limits on the above website. There are usage limits and restrictions for Geocoding requests and Map requests too. Exceeding usage limits may stop the formulas to work. In order to use the Geocoding functions for the Business purpose, Google Maps API license can be purchased. This information has been specified in detail in the following URL: