User Interface properties

These user interface properties are available when you select an individual database field.



Display format

The field’s display format, typically for numbers and dates.

See Display Format Options for details.

Exclude from page

Indicates whether to exclude this field when creating new pages.  "Default" uses settings in Application Generation Options.  (Note: Excluding required fields and primary key fields is not recommended.)

Field name alias

This alias is used to generate variable names and other elements in generated code. Also used in formulas to reference this field.

Permitted values

A list of possible legal values for the field.

For more information, see:

Permitted Value List

Adding Not-Null Field Constraints


Indicates that the user must provide a value on input.  If selected, an application user must provide a value for the field when using the Add Record or Edit Record pages.

If the underlying database schema has a “not NULL” constraint for the field, Iron Speed Designer will automatically select the Required option as a convenience for you.

Note: The Required option may be globally set via Databases, and hence grayed out in the Display tab of the field’s Property Sheet.

Text box columns

The maximum number of characters that can be entered into or displayed in a text box control.  This sets the HTML “maxlength” and “size” properties in the associated text box controls used to display the database field.

The number of characters displayed can be overridden for an individual control via the “Text box columns” setting in the Property Sheet for the control.  However, the maximum number of characters which can be entered is still governed by the “Text box columns” setting on Databases.

Note that this setting governs only the display width of the field, not the number of bytes that the underlying database field can accommodate.  Text box columns pertain primarily to string-based field validation types.

Use the “Maximum display length” property to control the amount of text displayed in a literal or label control.

Applies To

Text Box

Validation type

The display formatting and data validation used whenever the field is displayed or used as an input field.

See Field Validation Types for details.