Database Field properties

These data conversion properties are available when you select an individual database field.



Case sensitive

Indicates whether the field is case sensitive in the database.


Indicates the field’s database collation.

Computed in Database

Indicates whether the field is computed in the database.  If a field is computed, it cannot be changed by an application built with Iron Speed Designer.

Data type

The field’s (column) data type in the database schema.

Default value in database

Indicates the value used to populate the record when it is initially displayed and added to the database.

Field length

The field’s (column) length in the database schema.

Field name

The field (column) name in the database schema.

Full text search

Indicates whether the field supports full text search.


Indicates whether the field is indexed in the database.


Indicates whether the field has a Not Null constraint asserted on it.  Such fields must always be assigned a value when a record is added or updated.